Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I Like Free Writing

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     I think every writer should have a notebook, or a document on their computer that is for the sole purpose of free writing.

   'What is free writing', you ask? Free writing is writing down anything that pops into your head. ;)

   A random scene that doesn't fit anywhere in your current story? Put it there.

   A sentence that keeps tumbling about in your head? Put it there.

   A few half-baked ideas you don't know what to do with? Put them there.

   One of the rules that I've made for myself when I free write is that I don't erase anything there. It doesn't matter how stupid or half thought out the idea may seem - it doesn't need to be good, or be seen by anyone but me. It's there for me to write just for the enjoyment of getting stuff out and organizing my thoughts. Nothing gets deleted - it doesn't need to. It's for me.

   I've found through practicing free writing that it helps keep me from the thoughts of, 'I'm wasting my time.' or, 'What could I even use this nonsense for?'. It gets my creative thought-process going as I often jump from idea to idea in one chaotic stream of thought. Multiple poems, my first short story, and even some letters have ended up being written in my free writing doc.

   Random free writing sample - (and an example of something I don't have a place for):

In the midst of it all, I wonder, is it worth it? Where am I going? Why does it all fall down into swirls or friendly colors that then catch in tangling webs?
Golden sunsets, the bright and beautiful before the inky night drags it away.
   What are your thoughts on free writing? Have you ever tried it before?

   *Grins* I challenge you to go write for ten minutes on an empty sheet of paper or blank word document and let me know how it goes.

~Ophelia - Marie


  1. *enjoyed learning a bit more what free writing is, and isn't*

    This does sound interesting...and like something I could benefit from, if I'd try it. I'm bad at trying things though. o.O I've come close to doing it, I think...but not quite done it.

    1. We should maybe do a free writing Word War sometime. :D *Will poke you about it*


  2. Oh, and I like your example of it. :cool:

  3. Ooh, neat idea! I have a document for freewriting, but it's freewriting for a specific story only... XD

    1. Oh! I hadn't considered free writing for a specific story... *Will have to try that out somtime* B-) Thanks for commenting!


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