Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome To My New Blog


       Hey. . . so, I'm not exactly sure what to write about in this post. In fact, I almost decided to skip it altogether and launch right into posting, but a blog is supposed to have an introduction post, so I'll try to figure it out. . .

      I guess I should say all the normal things like, 'Welcome!' and 'Thanks for stopping by!' and 'Feel free to ask questions!', which is all true. I hope you feel welcome, I'm glad you're glancing around, and I hope I get lots of questions. ;)

     If things go as I hope, I'd like to post here on a generally regular basis. The reason I've made this new blog is because my other one has pretty much become a poetry blog and I would like to have one to share other things. 'Opinions, Thoughts, And General Ramblings' - ha, that mostly sums up what I think this blog will be. ;) A few of the posts I have plans to share here are called, 'When God Winks At You', 'My Friends Aren't Mine', 'Why I Like Free Writing' and 'Don't Be Afraid To Dream'. I hope you'll stick around. *Grins* 

~Ophelia - Marie


  1. Yay! *runs around your pretty new blog* ^_^ I've been looking forward to this for awhile, and moreso every time I hear about what you're writing or brainstorming for it. :D Definitely sticking around, I am. ^_^

    1. *Grins, wondering if you took your shoes off before running around ;) *

      ^_^ You've been encouraging as I've rambled at you with random bits and pieces of blog posts, so thank you Jeremiah. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on several posts I have planned. :)


    2. *didn't* *looks around and sees his muddy footprints* :blush:

      I'm glad. ^_^ You're very welcome. I'm looking forward to it too. :)

  2. Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bloggggggggggggggg..... ^_^

    *clambers all over the prettiness* It's so shiny! And pretty! With colors! And it's for ramblings and Za-thoughts?! O.O *dies from the anticipation of the awesomeness* ^^_^^

    *cough* I will definitely be sticking around, Za dear. =D

    1. *Blinks several times at Shawnie's exuberance and laughs* O.O Goodness. :)

      Thanks for commenting, and haha, for being so bouncy about it. :) *Is glad you'll be sticking around*


*Smiles* Comments, anyone? :) I don't like, bite or anything. . .