Saturday, September 28, 2013

Liebster Award....

    Uhh, I've never done one of these before... so here we go! ;)

    I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Trista Vaporblade at A Blog Of Writing and Music.

For this award I have to:

*Link back to the blogger who tagged me.

*Answer the ten questions she gives me.

*Nominate ten others (haha, or as many as I do) and ask them ten questions.

*Let those nominees know they were tagged.
The questions from Trista to me:

             1)If you could meet any three fictional characters, who would they be?

              Saphira from Eragon, Bonnie from Dragons In Our Midst, and Krioson from my work in progress.

             2)Which Author do you most see your writing patterned after? Or, if you don’t write, what author’s writing style do you most enjoy?

               Hmm, I don't really see my writing patterned after someone else...

            3)When reading, or writing, which person (first, second, or third) do you find the most difficult?

             Second person, since I almost never write in that person... next hardest would be 3rd person because my main book and lots of my poetry is written in 1st person.

              4)What kind of plot twists do you prefer the most?(Betrayals, deaths, so on...)

               Betrayals - especially when they are done well and you never see them coming. o.O

            5)What is your favorite snack to munch on while reading/writing?

              I don't usually eat while I read or write. ;) At least not very effectively - it can make the computer keyboard messy.

              6)If you could be in your favorite book, what book would it be? Also, if you could be a character in that same book (but not the main character) who would you be?

                 Hmm, one of the Dragons in Our Midst books... and I would be Bonnie.

           7)If you could build a Lego set of any fictional location, what would it be?

             No clue... I don't do Legos and would probably give up before finishing whatever anyway. ;)

              8)Have you ever had a dream where you were in a book or movie or a character from one? If so, what one?
                Nope, but ooh that'd be cool!

           9)If you could write an entire book by just listening to one song or one track of soundtrack, what song would it be? And would it be fantasy, SciFi, Historical, or absolutely random?
The Struggle, by Tenth Avenue North , and it would be fantasy...
(That's a cool question. *Thinks about it seriously* )

 10)What type of fictional creature is your favorite?
DRAGONS! (And everyone who knows me is like, "Yeah, I saw that coming." ;) )

     Now here are my 10 questions:
1) What is your favorite thing you've ever written?
2) What blog post on your blog has the most views?
3) If you could meet any currently living author, who would it be?
4) What is approx. the most words you've written in a day?
5) What is the last book you read?
6) If you could demand a rewritten ending to any book, which one would it be?
7) Do you have any books/blogs on writing that you'd recommend?
8) What book to movie adaptation do you find the most annoying? ;)
9) What genre are you least likely to read?
10) *Rewords question 9 to me since I liked it so much*  If you could write a book based off of one song, what song would it be? ... And if you'd like to answer, Why?

And I am nominating:
Enjoy! ^_^
~Ophelia - Marie

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Magic Of Friends (#2)

I got this idea to share picture quotes from my friend, Trista's, blog. Her post The Magic of Friends , has a lot of neat quotes in it.
Yes, and I stol - ahem, shared/borrowed her title. ;) *Points* But I added a number 2, since hers is the first one. *Grins* That makes some sense, right?
Favorite picture -EVER! *Grins* Maybe that's a bit overboard, but haha, I love it.


~Ophelia - Marie