Thursday, February 21, 2013

When God Winks At You

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   I recently read the book, 'When God Winks At You' after seeing a  book review for it on the Into The Book  . (Go read it. ;) ) It got me to thinking about the own times I have received 'godwinks', and I decided to share with you two such stories.

   First of all, let's make sure you understand the concept of a 'godwink'.

   From the author of the book -

    Every time you receive what some call a coincidence or an answered prayer, it's a direct and personal message of reassurance from God to you - what I call a godwink. It's similar to when you were a kid sitting at the dining room table. You looked up and saw someone you loved looking back. Mom or Dad or Granddad. They gave you a little wink. You had a nice feeling from that small silent communication. What did it mean? Probably - "Hey kid... I'm thinking about you right this moment. I'm proud of you. Everything is going to be all right." That's what a godwink is. Every so-called coincidence or answered prayer is God's way of giving you His small, silent communication. A little wink saying - "Hey kid! I'm thinking of you... right now!"

   Now, for the stories I want to share -

   One night I was goofing about in Holy Worlds' chat room, chatting with various people, when I started to have this funny feeling. . . The thought kept popping in my head that I needed to get off and pray. . . I didn't know what I needed to pray about, but the feeling was persistent.

    After I told everyone I'd be back in about fifteen minutes, I closed my laptop and started praying. There I was, sitting in the dark, on my bed at about eleven o'clock at night, praying about anything that came to mind. When I felt I had prayed for what I needed to, I opened my laptop and went back into Holy Worlds. Almost as soon as I was there, I got a message from one of the girls, asking me to pray for her. She couldn't tell me what it was about, but she really needed prayer then.

   You know that feeling when you're so shocked you at first don't even know what to think? I felt that. I had just been praying for her, specifically, by name. How amazing is that? God isn't constrained by time. He told me to pray, even before I knew who I was praying for. *Smiles* I'll always remember this story, and what it means to my life - God's blessed reminder to me that He knows what I don't.

Second story -

   In 2012 I worked my second summer in the kitchen at Grace Adventures. One afternoon I was vacuuming the dinning hall and the vacuum's red light came on. Instead of sucking junk like it should have, it began to spit it out. My boss had left for a meeting, so I couldn't ask her to fix it, and I was starting to get frustrated at how far behind we were on some things. My only other option was our smaller sweeper vacuum, but that thing didn't pick up stuff well at all. The sensible thing to do? Pray. So I did. I prayed the vacuum would work until I finished the dinning hall. Once I turned it back on, the light was out and it started sucking dirt again. I don't know why I was so surprised that God answered my prayer; I know He always hears me. Sometimes though, it's easy to forget that He also listens to little things like, 'Oh God please let the vacuum keep working until I'm done,' not just the big life prayers.

   What about you? Do you have a story you'd like to share about when you received a wink from God? :D

~Ophelia - Marie


  1. That's really cool. :D It is indeed very comforting to remember that He's in control, and even when we miss things, or things go wrong, He looks out for us...

    I feel like it's obvious I would have a lot of these stories to share, but...I can't think of any specific ones at the moment...
    Well, I've actually thought of some I might mention to you on our next skype session. ;) Not sure if they are "godwinks" exactly, but examples of God's sovereignty and providence...just not as blatant as either of your stories.

    1. *Nods* Remembering that God is looking out for us is a peaceful feeling, especially when things look like a mess.

      *Would like to hear about those stories next time we chat* :D


  2. It's so incredible when things like that happen. :) Just to know that He cares about our lives down to the tiniest details is simply flooring. And like Rem, I can't think of any specific instances at the moment. :P

    1. :)You should read that book - it's full of so many stories about God working out little details. It is a good reminder that things like that don't happen just in the Bible, but in our everyday lives.

      Thank you for commenting, Milly! :D



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