Random Things About Me

This is my cat, Noel. 

I'm going to be random here and list a bunch of things about me. . .

I like the color teal. Seriously - best color ever.

I'm a pastor's kid of an Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

I've lived in Michigan since I was seven, but I'm originally from South Carolina - and I've still got a bit of the accent. ;) 

My favorite candy bar is currently Almondjoy.

I don't like lights being left on when someone isn't in the room.

I enjoy discussing theology, beliefs, life, and writing.

I'm an ESFJ, according to Meyer Briggs.

I love to sing.

I make clay critters (mostly dragons right now.) and sell them on Etsy.

I worked the summers of '11 and '12 at Grace Adventures Camp in the kitchen.

Someday I want to be a wife and homeschooling mother.

So long as memories are captured, I don't care about the quality of the pictures I take.

Words often used to describe me are - practical, caring, teasing. ;)

I've self published four books of poetry.

I tend to be very punctual. *Gets that from my dad*

I am named after a great, great aunt - Ophelia Floyd.

I believe dreaming is important. 

My love language is words of affirmation.

Sometimes my hair is blue.

I love getting and giving hugs.

I don't have a middle name - my full first name is Ophelia - Marie, but almost nobody calls me that.

I am now working full time as a Certified Nurse Aide at a Long Term Care facility - (AKA, I take care of elderly people) I love it a whole lot. I've been there 3 years now.

Fantasy is my favorite genre.

I like dragons - a lot.

I was homeschooled until I was sixteen, then I took the GED and graduated.

I have three younger siblings.

I don't expect people will read all this. ;)

(If you did, haha, nice. ;) )

~Ophelia - Marie


  1. Hey Ophelia!
    I'm Katie/GraceGirl7 from HW. That's so cool that you were homeschooled! I was too! *Highfives*
    God bless,

    1. Hello,Katie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

      *Highfives back* Homeschooling is great! *Grins*


  2. Homeschooling, the color turquoise, WRITING... We sound quite alike in many ways. :)


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