Thursday, April 25, 2013

Try New Things

     I'm not athletic. In general, I have what my dad teasingly calls, 'The clumsy gene'. You're speaking to the person who doesn't like playing any games that involve balls, and who hardly ever dances, even with friends. Yup, my philosophy is that those type things aren't important to life, I'm not good at them, and I'd rather avoid them like the plague. I was the one in Vacation Bible School that went to the back of the line in kick ball, hoping that my team would get three outs before it came my turn to kick and who stayed where I wouldn't possibly need to touch the ball. I was the one at sleepovers who didn't join in in 'dance parties' with the others. And oooooh yes, I was very stubborn about it.

   Oh, I have the ability to do some of those things - kicking a ball is something I'm capable of - but a stubborn little bit of me still doesn't like it, and often doesn't even want to try. Why? Because I could end up embarrassing myself.

   Walk around the mall or the sand dunes dressed as a pirate?
   No problem.

    Jump around and dance in a group?
         Are you trying to kill me?

   You probably see the disconnect here.

   In life you are going to have to do things you don't like, or that make you uncomfortable whether you want to or not. My dad has said that to me many times. . . Speaking in public, playing group games, even seemingly little things like making an effort to talk to unfamiliar people my age, are all things I've had to do and often felt uncomfortable doing. *Whispers* And then I was glad I did them.

     I like to do things that are “safe” and that I'll probably be “good at” (or at least passably be able to do). I've found though, that it's good for me to do things I know I won't be good at, and be in situations that make my stomach flip-flop and mind ask, “What in the world was I thinking, trying this?!”

     Some things are hard for me to do just because I either think I won't be able to do the task well, or I am afraid of what others will think. But I shouldn't worry so much about messing up, or not having the right words, or what others may think; it's okay to make mistakes, it's good to laugh at myself, it can be fun to do things I might not be good at - and I'll never know until I try.

    Sometimes the hard part is having the guts to try. I know, I know the excuses - 'It'll be a waste of my time', 'I will look like a dork' , 'I don't really want to anyways' , 'I might mess up', 'I'll get in the way' , 'Someone else could do a better job'. There are a lot of excuses to get out of something you don't want to do so just stop.  Look at what you're saying, accept that part of what you say may be true, then try anyways. You'll build your confidence the more times you try, and be more likely to do something of that sort again.

   I've learned that when I try, often I am surprised at the results.

   I climbed to the top of a rock climbing tower.

   I went forward in front of our congregation and spoke about what I was thankful for on our Thanksgiving Eve service.

   I actually hit a ball with a bat and made it all around the bases over the course of the game and had fun doing it.

   And dancing, well, I still don't like it but hey, the world goes 'round. ;)

~Ophelia - Marie

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Krioson And Saphieka - Dragons

 Rin, known as Lady Kitra Mimetes on Holy Worlds made these crocheted dragons for me!
(If you'd like to see the pattern, it is here: The Leaky Cauldron)

The tan one is named Krioson. (His name is pronounced: Kuh -rhye - Oh -Son).
The blue one is named Saphieka (Her name is pronounced: Saff - I - Kah).
They are from my work in progress, 'Rider Of Pure Motion'.

How did I choose their coloring? Hehe, it wasn't a complicated process. ;)
After I read Eragon when I was about 13, I went dragon crazy and started drawing dragons.
 *Points to first drawing* (Yeaaah... I've never been good at drawing. *Grins*)
I thought Kri was the cutest out of the dragons I had drawn, so he became my favorite. Later, when I actually  began trying to write a story, I went back and chose from the nineteen dragons I had drawn to be in my book. Eventually I ended up with five dragons that stayed in my story.

I made changes later on to how they looked. (Spines, horns, etc.)

These drawings were drawn a few months after the first set.

Saphieka's name used to be Safire, until I decided she needed a more original sounding name.

          I'm not totally satisfied with this back cover text (or whatever you'd call it) but here you go anyways:

        Anza, a girl with unusual powers, tries to hide from the world in the shadows of the North Carolina Mountains - hurt, angry, and intent on forgetting. After narrowly escaping the police, she is suddenly responsible for a run-away orphan who is in possession of five large gem stones, and left wondering what to do next. When two of the stones hatch as dragons a few days later, she has to face the reality that more people are coming to claim the remaining eggs and her quiet, hidden existence has ended. Now with three others to look after, and more on the way, how long before her secrets will come out?

       As people she thought she'd never see again arrive and the past resurfaces, she struggles to maintain control of something much bigger than her. By the time she lets go of her hate and mistrust will it be too late to find a new future?

And here's the (current) prologue (I've completely changed it several times) :

I don't know when I decided to stop caring.
Maybe it was when my only friend began to use me.
Or maybe it was when she turned on me.
It could have been the night when Jared came to taunt me.
I just decided it wasn't worth it to care anymore. . .
But I think the real question is,
When did I start hating?
I think it was the night my parents died.
Or the day Denise screamed at me.
Even the night I slammed Jared against the wall; it's his fault she hates me now.
Hating is even easier than pretending not to care.
When I'm filled with anger I don't have to think about how empty I feel.
      And thus ends this random mishmash of: the wonderful dragons Rin made, an explanation of why they are those colors, pictures showing my complete lack of drawing skills, and a teeny bit about my book that I may never actually finish writing. ;)
 ~Ophelia - Marie
crocheted dragon pattern

Monday, April 1, 2013


Picture From Wiki
(Isn't this such a weird looking thing?)

     Hi'ya! So, it's April Fools. I didn't plan anything (and I don't put blog posts up on Mondays... normally) but with all the fun stuff going on around the internet, I wanted to post something. . .  So,  here is something random for you. This is a scene that popped in my head a bit before 1AM (on Christmas Eve of all days), after I was in bed under the covers. I got up and wrote it, despite being only half awake. *Grins*


    He was dead. Such a short life he had lived, and now it was ended. Now I would have to let him go, never to see -

    “Callie!” My sister's voice rang through the thin bathroom walls as she banged her fist on the door. I just stopped myself from spilling the small container, dead fish and all, over the bathroom rug. When I didn't immediately answer Laura pounded louder. “Hurry up in there! What are you doing?”
    “Just a minute,” I hollered at her. So much for my dramatic funeral. I dumped Bob into the toilet. His golden, limp body floated strangely in the water.

    My thoughts wandered back to my dramatic spiel. He'd been so vibrantly alive only hours before, almost unaware that his life was soon to end.

    Callie, I mean it! I can't be late! John is picking me up in forty-five minutes for dinner!”
    Aww, that's plenty of time. How long can it take her to mess with her hair and makeup?

    For a moment I considered fishing him out – no pun intended – and starting over. She'd really ruined the whole moment. If my goldfish had to go, he might as well go out well. The snow had ruled out an outdoor funeral, and this was my next best solution.

    If you don't get out here right now, I swear-”

    Nope. I wasn't going to get to start the funeral over.

    Sheesh! Can't a girl have the bathroom for a few minutes?” I reached for the handle and flushed, watching Bob's limp body swirling down as he left this-

    Bam, bam, bam! The flimsy door shook as Laura pounded it again. “Okay, you're done! Now let me in!”

    I scrambled to my feet and flung open the door. Laura gave me a death glare and pushed past me into the bathroom. The next thing I knew I was in the hallway with the door shut behind me.

    She should've gotten ready sooner. It's not my fault she was yapping at her friend about her date.

    When I got back to my room, I glanced in on my other goldfish – Terrance,Wilford, Obadiah, and Richard. They hadn't seemed to notice that their long time buddy, Bob, wasn't there. 

    So callously they had moved on, forgetting all the times they had spent -

   I ended the thought there and let out a wry laugh.

   I'm one strange kid. Good thing people can't see my thoughts.

I hope your April Fools has been as goofily fun as mine has!
~Ophelia - Marie