Saturday, July 8, 2017

Endings - My Time As A CNA


Yesterday was my last day at my Long Term Care job, as I am getting married in 14 days and moving to Pennsylvania afterward.

Honestly, my first impressions about this job was being told by my team while volunteering at the hospital, "We came from there - if you work there, be ready to run. It is crazy over there." I didn't much want to work there, but they were the first ones to offer me a job ... My first day of orientation a girl was crying and mad because she was getting mandated to stay for another shift. My first few weeks I struggled a lot with managing my time - something I continued to work through, my entire three years... I can not be and give everything I wish to, simply because - I don't have the time...

It's a job that can be hard on the emotions... I've had days there I've cried so hard I literally can't stop - or days where I've been so frustrated and weary it sits in my chest... I've had days where I've wondered if I really wanted to stay... I'm glad I did.

Because you know what? I've also laughed there - hugging elderly residents, singing with them in the bathroom while helping them with pajamas, listening to their stories of life. I've worked with some amazing people who I honestly don't know how they do all they do. I've been able to lead church services when the church group doesn't show up - and I've taken my little sister Virginia to visit so she can be an encouragement to them. I've had the honor of meeting some people of beautiful faith - who after all their years, tell me how God has been good to them. I've been able to comfort people in their grief and hold them tight in the tears and the pain. I've been able to love people where they're at, and give of God's love to them.

 I've learned to understand people in new ways... We all have pains, regrets, and weaknesses - but we also have our own set of strengths, joys, and triumphs. I believe I will always look at life a little bit differently, because I have been a CNA.

~Ophelia - Marie

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