Sunday, December 4, 2016

Musings on Love


Talking to friends tonight, and seeing God's Love through them...

We can't love as we ought to - not perfectly, not all the time. We can't even love decently on our own... not really. We tend to hurt people we should love best because of our pride and insecurities. But God tells us how we are to Love - and He shows us.

When we feel: Restless. Angry. Overwhelmed. Small. Broken. Tired. Impatient - God still calls us to Love... He sent His Spirit so we would not be alone to figure out how to love. He is willing to teach us - prick us - hold us - grow us - so we can love more and more like He does.

God's Spirit lives in me. Praise God - I am not on my own trying to muddle through life. I have a Helper - I have a Friend - I have a God who fully knows me.

I don't have to give in to my own emotions, or break under circumstances around me. I can choose to love, because the God of Love Chose me.

That's a peace-filling thought.


Just Honest, Raw Joy

I had a rough week, emotionally. (The cry-so-hard-I-can-hardly-breathe and pretend-I'm-fine-to-most-people-when-I-really-feel-I'm-gonna-fall-apart kind of emotional...) But God kindly kept bringing reminders of His Love into my path through people around me... I don't know how to word the enormity of tonight, as simple as it is... I don't know why the Holy Spirit working always startles me so...

A friend messaged me asking for prayer for her stress, as this Christmas season is busy. So I recorded me praying, and sent it to her. And we talked a lot about the love of God, and how we love others. It was deep, and good, and though we talked nothing of my week, it helped heal some of that hurt.

Later, another friend messaged me back... I had asked how her Thanksgiving was... Somehow, God often has me message her when she needs a listening ear. And we talked, and I mostly listened - And I saw the beginnings of God answering the prayers of her heart.

Neither of them know how hard this week has been - or how I felt walled off in ways. God just said, "Here. Talk." and gave me people.

And then... as those conversations were over - God sent a third friend. She asked me, "How have you been?" God often sends her to me when I am overwhelmed in His goodness... She has been growing in so many ways this past year, and she has blessed me by sharing with me lessons she's learning... God makes me laugh at the perfect timing of sending her. I exploded joy to her of seeing God moving - and then she began to tell me how she's been seeing Him in her own life the past few weeks.

God is amazing - moving people separately so that each of us can speak life into each other, and see how God is moving in each of us...

Every time things like this happen, I'm knocked over with Joy - and I get to remember all over again, how much God is watching over my life, and the lives of those I love.