Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Will Not Choose A Poison


   I've not spoken much about this election anywhere. I suppose most people are as sick of hearing about Trump and Hillary as I am... But here I am anyways, to give my two cents that maybe a handful of people will view. Oh well. ;)

    I know why a lot of Christians will vote for Trump on Tuesday.

    Because of the  "potential Supreme Court Justice appointments".
    Because people are  "afraid of what having Hillary as a president will do to our religious freedoms".
     Because we should vote for "policies, not the man".
     Because "at least Pence is a good vice president".

    People I love and highly respect will go to the polls and vote for Trump. Close friends. Family members. I don't agree with them - but I believe they are doing what they think is right.

   My opinion?

    I believe that either candidate coming into office will be a judgement from God on our nation.

    As a nation, we have tried to push God away. We have taken Him from schools, from monuments, and worse - from our day to day lives. We have celebrated and delighted in sin with parades and pride. We have killed our own children before they ever take a breath. So many things that were once against the law are now accepted as good.

  How far have we fallen that childish, mean-spirited, judgemental, angry people are lifted up into places of potential leadership?

      .... I don't believe God ever asks us to choose evil.  Both candidates are in rebellion against God.  They slander their neighbor. They have pasts they are NOT repentant of. They are not fit to rule us...

   I will not choose which judgement I'd rather... I'll let God sway hearts and I will pray for mercy for our nation... But I believe either candidate is God's why would I choose one?

    Let me tell you something.... When you state reasons why you choose Trump, all I hear is: "I will choose this blatantly rebellious person over this other blatantly rebellious person because I believe they will do more to protect God's kingdom than the other candidate."

    Now let me ask you this: Since when am I supposed to judge which wickedness better serves God's purposes?

    In my conscience, I can not say, "I will choose this evil, and pray to God it was the right choice."

    Choosing the "lesser of two evils" is still choosing evil.

    If the nation chooses a poison, at least I can say I didn't open my mouth to either.

~Ophelia - Marie

**I will vote for Darrell Castle, because at least at the end of the day, I can say I voted for someone who is seeking God. I don't expect him to win - but I won't choose a willfully rebellious person to govern our nation either.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tell Me A Story Of Loyalty

I've always loved stories of deep loyalty. Tonight I'm pondering a lot of threads and seeing how they cross each other.

As a child as young as six, I told stories to myself to help me fall asleep... The one I remember and have written in an old journal was about the adventures of Ophelia the cat. She led a group of orphan children who lived in the woods, fishing and having adventures... Even then it seems I had a fascination with the idea of leadership and family.
My most frequent type of dream involves running and leading. I'm usually unafraid as I lead groups of people through forests, down metal tunnels, across rooftops... Sometimes I am afraid. Sometimes I turn and fight.... They're exhausting dreams, but interesting none the less. They remind me every time that somewhere in my brain, I'm still wanting to protect people, even while I sleep.

The only story I've ever truly worked on is all built around this feeling of protecting those you love. Rider of Pure Motion is a present day story about a girl who finds dragon eggs and ends up leading a group of dragons and their riders. She doesn't want to. She's afraid to trust, but they stay by her. They fight and tease and grow into a loyal family... I don't know how to make the story all it is in my head, but the emotions that wrote it means I'll never be able to shake those characters from being dear to me. Most people who know me know I like the Ninja Turtles. I love how they are family. They bicker and tease - they protect each other and work as a team. Leo interests me in his desire to lead, but his deep fear that he's going to let them down. It's a kid show, granted - but there are still those themes that drew me in as a child and keep me still. The themes that runs through my dreams, and resurface in books I love the best, and in my own writing. Leadership. Protecting the weak. Friendship. And yes - Loyalty. As I'm considering stories tonight, I'm sorting out what draws me to certain ones so deeply. I'm wondering at my own dreams and writing....

Agents of SHIELD (Especially the earlier seasons.)
What do these books and shows have in common besides being stories I love? I will protect you. Even at cost to me - I will protect you, become your family, give what I have, and stand by you. They don't circle around romantic attraction - though some of them have that in the story - it's about friendship.

What makes friendships turn into family-like bonds? What makes leaders worth following? What moments break or make loyalty? What are they willing to do to protect each other, even at risk to themselves? Even if your story drags in parts or has some confusing plot holes - if you can make me love the characters for their loyalty for one another, I will probably love your story... Because that? That is real.

There is so much more I could say, but for now I will stop because it's almost 2AM. Some blog posts are meant to be an outpouring of thoughts, not well-thought-out pieces. That's why I have this blog. ;)
I suppose I'll end up writing on this topic more in the future - there's so much to ponder.


What are your thoughts on loyalty and how it makes good stories?

And all that to say... Do you have any book recommendations?

~Ophelia - Marie