Sunday, December 4, 2016

Musings on Love


Talking to friends tonight, and seeing God's Love through them...

We can't love as we ought to - not perfectly, not all the time. We can't even love decently on our own... not really. We tend to hurt people we should love best because of our pride and insecurities. But God tells us how we are to Love - and He shows us.

When we feel: Restless. Angry. Overwhelmed. Small. Broken. Tired. Impatient - God still calls us to Love... He sent His Spirit so we would not be alone to figure out how to love. He is willing to teach us - prick us - hold us - grow us - so we can love more and more like He does.

God's Spirit lives in me. Praise God - I am not on my own trying to muddle through life. I have a Helper - I have a Friend - I have a God who fully knows me.

I don't have to give in to my own emotions, or break under circumstances around me. I can choose to love, because the God of Love Chose me.

That's a peace-filling thought.


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