Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gunsmoke Giveaway!

        My dear friend, Trista, is hosting a giveaway over on her blog!

        Four winners will be drawn and a total of six books will be given away. 

First prize is a signed copy of Ranger and Quest for the Swords of Healing by Trista Vaporblade.
Second prize is a signed copy of Ranger and Battle of the Dragons by Trista Vaporblade.

Third prize is either a soft-cover form or an ebook form of The Dark Wolf by J.M.Christain (You get to decide when/if you win this fabulous prize).

Fourth prize is a copy of The Lost Princess by Kate Elizabeth Stoneacre.    Ranger is Trista's second published work, Quest for the Swords of Healing being her first, and Battle of the Dragons is a short story she wrote many years ago and thought might be fun to throw in here.

      “ Kimberly Ranger is daughter to the wealthy governor of a small, dry western town. Disaster befalls her and her family one night as they ride through the shadow cloaked forest paths and all of them are thought to be dead. Several years later a young stranger appears in the town’s saloon, asking questions about that night. But as time ticks on, respected members of the town disappear without a trace, animals are slaughtered in herds, and a tale as old as time is brought to light. The greatest adventures are not always the ones that are passed down in fables, sometimes the ones that really mean something are the ones that never get told…” - Ranger

     “ Actors for years, eight teenagers work alongside hundreds of others to create a medieval film full of astounding battle sequences, when unforeseen circumstances throw them into a real battle. Two opposing forces divide the teens and new, mind-blowing possibilities are presented to them about who they really are. Sent on a quest to find relics of years gone by, the young warriors encounter things that send them reeling, surpass the bounds of reality, and remove all doubt of their past. Adventures are not always what you make them out to be, sometimes they are so much more..." - Quest for the Swords of Healing

     Inspired by Redwall and a dream, this short story takes you on a journey with two adventurous otters who are searching for what has been lost. Giants, rats, and unfriendly ferrets are just a few of the things these two will have to overcome, but by far not the worst. How will they save their families from their captors, repair a falling castle, and find a way out of a forest that never sees the light of day?” - Battle of the dragons.

    The Dark Wolf is J.M.Christian's first published novel and the first book in the Heart of Light Trilogy.

      'Feared and hated, Darvir desires to escape the evil clutches of a malevolent sorcerer, who holds his mind in an iron grasp, and live a normal life instead of the one filled with darkness and death forced upon him. On one of his numerous missions, he encounters someone different that enforces his desire to finally resist the sorcerer's will, and a dangerous and life altering adventure begins. Elaine’s past has been continually marked by family conflict and struggles. Living most of her life alone and unloved, an outcast from her own people, she languishes in exile until circumstances force her into a fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger. As a powerful evil stretches begins to rise across the war-torn realm of Elser, only two people stand in its path, and they alone hold the key to possibly saving the realm from the fire that comes.'- The Dark Wolf
   The Lost Princess is Kate's first published novel.
    Laurel is a fourteen year old homeschooler with a seemingly perfect life. However, when her grandmother goes delusional and starts speaking utter nonsense, Laurel’s world flip-flops. Questions are raised, and she finds herself thrown into Tranquility, to the kingdom of Calma where she must confront a tyrannical king. Samuel is the twelve year old prince of Calma. His father is the king, and tries to make Samuel into the same kind of prince as he is a king. However, Samuel’s mother Elizabeth taught him in the ways of Elohim, and to do the right thing. Can Laurel set right the kingdom of Calma? Can Samuel find the courage of Elohim to stand up to his father? Can a young elf named Soddriel find in his heart to forgive his enemies? With courage in their hearts, and the words of Elohim on their tongues, goodness is sure to triumph. Revolution is at hand.” - The Lost Princess

         Ya wanna enter, don't you? ;) Go hop over to Trista's blog and enter to win some of these great prizes!

~Ophelia - Marie

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