Monday, July 7, 2014

No Compromise - The Life Story Of Keith Green

       I read this book review on Into the Book Reviews about the book, No Compromise - The Life Story Of Keith Green. With a review like that, how could I not give this book a try? Go read that review, please. Then go find yourself a copy of this book.

     Mmm. I very rarely cry over a book, but I did reading this one. It's convicting. It's powerful. It's a testament to God's goodness and calling to sinners - God's ability to use us for Himself. God used Keith to speak much truth to his generation... Ah, and to speak conviction to Christians about their walk with the Lord.

     "The requirement for salvation is not just a prayer. The requirement is an open, totally empty heart that's ready to be full of Jesus Christ. After saying 'the sinner's prayer' - if in a few months your friends can't tell that you're born again, if your relatives can't see a change in you, if your teacher can't see you're a Christian, you're probably not!
       Because let me tell you something, when someone's born again, they get excited! It changes the way the live, what they do, how they speak, how they act, what they do with their money, their cars, their girlfriends - it's all different! Then how come it looks the same? How come Christians are trying to ride the line?
     I challenge everybody who calls himself a Christian, which means 'little Christ', to live as Jesus did. Or else sometime Somebody might say, 'I never knew you'.... I'm gonna get on my knees every day and say 'God, search my heart and see if there be any wicked way in me. I don't want to go astray. I want to be with you.'
       "You can't get to heaven by being a nice guy. You might end up to be the nicest guy in hell!" -Keith Green, 'No Compromise'. 

     "I just got back from the road," he told them. "I've heard  people say, 'It's worth it when only one person comes forward to receive the Lord.' I say, yeah, it is worth it. There were some real humbling concerts. Like twenty people. One person would come forward. I'd sit down at the end of the stage and when they'd come forward I'd say, 'You'r'e the whole reason I came to this town.'
       And then there were other really beautiful times. I played an Army base in For Leonardwood, Missouri, for about 500 young recruits. They felt a little bit out of place. They didn't have any hair, and they were all about eighteen. Under their breath they were saying, I want my mommy!' And they were all sitting there freaking out about being in the Army. And the Lord got to them in that state, because 350 go up and received Jesus!" ~Keith Green, 'No Compromise'. 

          This book is well worth reading - this is coming from a person who doesn't often read biographies. With journal entries, song lyrics, and told from the personal viewpoint of Keith's wife, Melody, this story is a well written picture of a life sold out for Christ - struggles, doubts, ups and downs, triumphs, joys, and all. It's the story of a broken sinner finding the Lord, and God's calling on his life to share the Gospel with others. It's a story of crazy obedience, powerful trust, and humbling conviction... It's the life story of Keith Green, and his wife, Melody, and how God used them to build His Kingdom. 

~Ophelia - Marie


  1. So glad it moved you as much as it did me, Mirza. It was impacting, wasn't it?

    1. Thank you for writing a review on it, Bushy. :D I never would've read it otherwise, probably. Yes, it was very impacting.


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