Thursday, May 8, 2014

He Listens To The "Littlest" Things

             Sometimes, God answers the littlest things... those prayers that I pray almost off-hand while I'm busy, and a bit stressed...

Like, "God, I need someone to pray for me right now."

Or, "God, I need a little joy today."

Or, "God, I could use someone to help me, please."

            I want to go visit a friend later this summer, and because I only spend 10% of my income, it's going to take a lot of saving to be able to buy a train or plane ticket... It may even mean not spending any money for a few months or so. This morning I was thinking and prayed (kinda offhand while doing dishes) that there might be a way I could earn a little extra money since I've got a gift I want to purchase today.
         The mail came about an hour ago... My sister handed me a letter. In it was a $15 gift card to Walmart from someone from church as a thank-you gift for my help with the little kids' class at church for a few months.
       For a moment I was just shocked... I'm still shocked. *Laughed and felt tears well up* Oh, but why am I so shocked? I've seen God provide for me before when I've prayed.

     A few weeks ago I was a bit stressed out at work - things were busy, and since I'm still new there I was having trouble feeling I was being as helpful as I should be... I was praying a little, and was sinking into slight overwhelmed... when I saw someone from Church. She was coming to visit a few of the Residents (I work as a nurse aid with elderly folks) and gave me a big hug and told me she'd pray the rest of the day would go smoothly. I felt such a sense of relief seeing her - I knew God had sent her to encourage me. 

           Ah, I'm a forgetful human being. I know God can answer my prayers, but I don't always... keep that in the forefront of my mind. Praise be to Him that He is paitent with me, and listens to everything I pray, even when it's an quick prayer in the midst of everything I'm feeling and doing. 

From this summer, August 7, 2013:

          "God showed me grace last night. It was 6:30-ish and like usual we were getting ready for the program - we don't have a youth group this week, and the Chapel looked so empty. So, I asked God to bring people in to watch the program... Even before the program started we had about 20 people sitting down waiting and they /stayed/! I hadn't really expected God to answer that prayer. It had been the kind of off-hand prayer that went something like, 'It'd be really nice if You would send people to be here.' *Grins* Aaah! I'm not sure why I'm always so surprised when He answers “little” prayers like that.
      After the program I went into the upstairs apartment to pray... and cry. God listens, and in a very real sense I felt He was reminding me that if He cares enough to answer my “little” prayers, then He can answer the others. It won't be in /my/ timing, but it'll be for His glory and the /best/ in my life and the lives of those I love."

    God answers again and again, showing me He listens to all my prayers, even when I forget about them. Even the prayers I've prayed for months - years - He never forgets. Even the prayers about needing a bit of encouragement, or needing help finding something -  He never brushes them aside as unimportant. He hears me - He will do what is best, and answer in His timing. 
God listens to my prayers.
The "big" prayers.
The "little" prayers.
God hears every one.

~Ophelia - Marie


  1. God is defintely awesome. :D I've said a lot of those little prayers, and He always answers them.


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