Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life, and frisbee (and the importance of making goals) - Shared Post

         Personally, I've been working a lot more on making goals in my life. An example that comes to mind is my desire to memorize part (if not someday all ) of Romans. To help me with this goal (which I struggle to practice consistently) I've been writing down in a little note book every day I practice and what I'm able to recite. Doing that has helped me see my progress, and keeps me from getting overwhelmed when I'm tempted to look at the big picture - memorizing whole chapters...

           See, goals don't have to be about doing the most you can do, the fastest you can, and doing it until you can't think to do anything else - goals can be small, consistent habits that you work on for set amounts of time. Those type of goals are the ones you will more likely achieve.

Smart Goals are:
         This post by Jeremiah Stiles on his blog, Another Otherworld,  reminded me that often if you want to enjoy something to the fullest you need to make well defined, reachable goals and take time to enjoy other things.

           It seems that if I let myself go, my goal is to write as much as I can as well as I can as fast as I can. Nonstop. Though of course I don’t really think this–but that’s the problem. I don’t think anything else either.

       And…I’m left stretching myself to the limit, and yet never being satisfied with my best efforts.
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Do you like to make goals? What helps you make goals and stick to them? 


  1. Thanks for sharing my post, Ophelia. :D

    I like that idea of keeping a sort of journal of how you're doing with memorizing. :D

    1. You're welcome, Jeremiah. :)

      ^_^ It's very helpful.


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