Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Hurts - Shared Post

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    I both smiled and ached at reading this post on my friend, Theodora's blog: As Amhráin Agus Scéalta . It brings to mind many friends and situations that have made me cry and wonder why this kind of love breaks me inside... Theodora makes good points in this post and brings the focus back to God. It was such a blessing to read when she first published it, and these months later it is a good reminder again. "Love hurts because it is a glimpse into how God feels about us. "

   What I'm primarily thinking at the moment, is how much love hurts. A lot of books and movies portray it as a beautiful feeling, all warm and glowing and pleasant. But that's really only one aspect. There is a more painful aspect of love - it's hard to put into words. We've all been at the point when we worried or were afraid for someone we love. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe someone you loved left you. Maybe someone you loved was in pain and you wanted to help but couldn't.

   At those times, haven't we all wished with all our heart that there was no such thing as love? Wouldn't it be so much easier to be dead to the feeling, and not have to love someone who was hurting?

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