Friday, July 12, 2013

Of Beasts And Beauty - Shared Post

      We all struggle with anger and unforgiveness at one time or another. This post by Calista Beth on her blog, Blotches And Blunders , shares a story from her own experience with refreshing honesty. It made me examine some things in my own life. :)

     Ooh, here’s a rough topic: anger. (I saw you shudder!) What a touchy thing anger is! It wears so many masks, and hurts so many people, tears apart so many relationships. Unrestrained, it really is a beast. For years I never really thought much about it. I knew I sure didn’t have an anger issue. (Actually, I found out quite to the contrary, but I’ll let the story speak for itself.)

    Last summer, I suddenly realized that I had been angry at someone for two years. (No, I didn’t miss-type that. In fact, that’s why I spelled it out, so you wouldn’t think it was a typo.) Two very, very long, angry years. And I didn’t even know it! I had absolutely no clue about the root of bitterness – no, the beast – that was tunneling into my heart.
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