Monday, April 1, 2013


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(Isn't this such a weird looking thing?)

     Hi'ya! So, it's April Fools. I didn't plan anything (and I don't put blog posts up on Mondays... normally) but with all the fun stuff going on around the internet, I wanted to post something. . .  So,  here is something random for you. This is a scene that popped in my head a bit before 1AM (on Christmas Eve of all days), after I was in bed under the covers. I got up and wrote it, despite being only half awake. *Grins*


    He was dead. Such a short life he had lived, and now it was ended. Now I would have to let him go, never to see -

    “Callie!” My sister's voice rang through the thin bathroom walls as she banged her fist on the door. I just stopped myself from spilling the small container, dead fish and all, over the bathroom rug. When I didn't immediately answer Laura pounded louder. “Hurry up in there! What are you doing?”
    “Just a minute,” I hollered at her. So much for my dramatic funeral. I dumped Bob into the toilet. His golden, limp body floated strangely in the water.

    My thoughts wandered back to my dramatic spiel. He'd been so vibrantly alive only hours before, almost unaware that his life was soon to end.

    Callie, I mean it! I can't be late! John is picking me up in forty-five minutes for dinner!”
    Aww, that's plenty of time. How long can it take her to mess with her hair and makeup?

    For a moment I considered fishing him out – no pun intended – and starting over. She'd really ruined the whole moment. If my goldfish had to go, he might as well go out well. The snow had ruled out an outdoor funeral, and this was my next best solution.

    If you don't get out here right now, I swear-”

    Nope. I wasn't going to get to start the funeral over.

    Sheesh! Can't a girl have the bathroom for a few minutes?” I reached for the handle and flushed, watching Bob's limp body swirling down as he left this-

    Bam, bam, bam! The flimsy door shook as Laura pounded it again. “Okay, you're done! Now let me in!”

    I scrambled to my feet and flung open the door. Laura gave me a death glare and pushed past me into the bathroom. The next thing I knew I was in the hallway with the door shut behind me.

    She should've gotten ready sooner. It's not my fault she was yapping at her friend about her date.

    When I got back to my room, I glanced in on my other goldfish – Terrance,Wilford, Obadiah, and Richard. They hadn't seemed to notice that their long time buddy, Bob, wasn't there. 

    So callously they had moved on, forgetting all the times they had spent -

   I ended the thought there and let out a wry laugh.

   I'm one strange kid. Good thing people can't see my thoughts.

I hope your April Fools has been as goofily fun as mine has!
~Ophelia - Marie


  1. I remember reading this somewhere. Probably on skype. *grins* It's fun. ^_^

    1. Yup, I had it posted a few places when I wrote it. I remember getting comments from you on it, wherever it was.

      *Grins back* It's one of those things where I /like/ it, but I have nothing to /do/ with it. Now it's on my blog, so that takes care of that. :D *Skips away*


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